Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Hallmarking of gold jewellery is must


Hallmarking of gold jewellery now mandatory

NEW DELHI: The public authority on Wednesday carried out compulsory hallmarking of gold gems to guarantee that buyers get guaranteed quality. 

The start of obligatory hallmarking was made in 256 areas. Until further notice, little diamond setters with yearly turnover of under Rs 40 lakh have been absolved from the prerequisite. 

As of now, just 30% of gold adornments in India is hallmarked. 

The plan is being executed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to guarantee that shoppers don't confront quality issues. 

The locale shrouded in the primary stage will have BIS-perceived measuring and hallmarking places for gold gems and ancient rarities that will confirm if an item is 14, 18 or 22 carats. 

Carat estimates the virtue of gold.

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