Tuesday, June 29, 2021

US airstrikes are targetting Iran based militias in Iraq


US airstrikes target Iran-backed militias in Syria, Iraq
WASHINGTON: The US military, under the bearing of President Joe Biden, directed airstrikes Sunday against what it said were "offices utilized by Iran-upheld civilian army gatherings" close to the boundary among Iraq and Syria. 

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said the civilian armies were utilizing the offices to dispatch automated aeronautical vehicle assaults against US troops in Iraq. 

Kirby said the US military designated three operational and weapons storage spaces — two in Syria and one in Iraq. 

He portrayed the airstrikes as "protective," saying they were dispatched because of an "continuous arrangement of assaults by Iran-sponsored bunches focusing on US interests in Iraq." 

"The United States took essential, proper, and purposeful activity intended to restrict the danger of acceleration — yet additionally to send a reasonable and unambiguous obstacle message," Kirby said.

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