Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Britain says that unaccompanied children cannot be evacuated from Afghanistan


Britain says: we cannot evacuate unaccompanied children from Afghanistan
LONDON: Britain can't clear unaccompanied kids from Afghanistan, protection secretary Ben Wallace said on Thursday when gotten some information about film which showed a small kid being given over a divider to Western officers at Kabul air terminal. 

The recording, which Reuters couldn't quickly confirm, showed a little young lady being given over a divider to British and US fighters at Kabul air terminal. 

Wallace said the youngster was ignored the divider as her family was being taken out. 

"We can't simply take a minor all alone," Wallace revealed to Sky News when gotten some information about the recording. "You will discover as you find in the recording I believe you're showing now, the kid was taken - that will be on the grounds that the family will be taken too." 

"It will be the test attempting to endure that group," Wallace said. "We are discovering alternate methods of managing that however that is what's going on." 

Wallace said British fighters at the air terminal were confronting a tough spot given the franticness of certain Afghans to leave. 

"It is extremely hard for those troopers as you've found in your own recording, managing some frantic, frantic individuals, a significant number of whom are simply needing to leave the country," Wallace said.

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