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Unitech founders are operating secret underground office from jail: ED


Unitech founders operating 'secret underground office' from jail, reveals ED
NEW DELHI: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Thursday uncovered that recent Unitech originators Ramesh Chandra and Sanjay Chandra were working a "secret underground office" in South Delhi from the Tihar prison and requested a test against authorities scheming with them. 

The workplace was being worked by Ramesh Chandra and was visited by his children Sanjay Chandra and Ajay Chandra when on parole or bail. 

"During one of our hunt and seizure tasks, we have uncovered a mysterious underground office, which is being utilized by Ramesh Chandra and visited by his children when they are free from jail, but still under supervision or bail. 

"We have recuperated many unique deal deeds from that office, many advanced marks and a few PCs which contain touchy information as to their properties in India and abroad," extra specialist general Madhavi Divan told the seat. 

The ED in its report expressed that the previous Unitech originators deputed prison staff outside the premises to speak with individuals from outside and arrange off properties. 

Thusly, the summit court coordinated the Chandras to be moved from Tihar prison to Arthur Road prison and Taloga prison in Maharashtra. 

The focal examining office likewise said in its report that both Sanjay and Ajay have delivered the whole legal care good for nothing with their demonstrations. 

They seized hundereds of unique property deal deeds, computerized marks and PCs with delicate data from Unitech's mysterious office. 

Accordingly, the SC noticed that Tihar prison has become protected paradise for crooks to work from inside the jail and it will unquestionably reprimand the prison authorities. 

It has asked the Delhi police chief to by and by hold investigation into the direct of prison authorities who were included and submit report in about a month. 

Both Sanjay and Ajay are blamed for purportedly siphoning home purchasers' cash. The top court in its October 2017 request had requested that they store Rs 750 crore with the zenith court library by December 31, 2017. 

The Chandras have asserted that they conformed to the court's conditions and they have kept a sum in overabundance of Rs 750 crore and subsequently they are allowed customary bail. 

The top court had noticed that since the October 2017 request, critical occasions have occurred and the pinnacle court had guided a measurable review to be led by Grant Thornton. 

It said that the court had before guided the Center to guarantee that all viewpoints, which were adverted to in the legal report, ought to be examined by the able offices, incorporating with respect to the part of illegal tax avoidance. 

The matter relates to a criminal case what began at first by one grievance held up in 2015 and later joined by 173 other home purchasers of Unitech tasks' - 'Wild Flower Country' and 'Anthea Project' - arranged in Gurugram. 

On January 20 last year, in a reprieve to more than 11,000 bothered home purchasers of Unitech, the top court had permitted the Center to take all out administration control of the realty firm and delegate another leading group of chosen one chiefs. 

In 2018, the top court had coordinated a scientific review of Unitech Ltd and its sister concerns and auxiliaries by Samir Paranjpe, Partner, Forensic and Investigation Services in Grant Thornton India. 

The scientific evaluators had presented their report which said that Unitech Ltd got around Rs 14,270 crore from 29,800 home purchasers from 2006-2014 and around Rs 1,805 crore from six monetary establishments for the development of 74 undertakings.

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