Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Gadkari says that Small cars also need more airbags for safety


Small cars too need adequate number of airbags to ensure safety, says Gadkari
NEW DELHI: Union pastor Nitin Gadkari on Sunday said that little vehicles, for the most part bought by lower working class individuals, ought to likewise have a sufficient number of airbags and asked why car creators are giving eight airbags just in huge vehicles purchased by rich individuals. 

In a meeting to PTI, the Road Transport and Highways Minister additionally underlined that his allure for more airbags in little economy vehicles was to guarantee wellbeing and forestall potential passings in mishaps. 

His comments come against the scenery of the car business raising worries that high tax assessment and stricter wellbeing and emanation standards for vehicles have made their items costly. 

For the most part, lower working class individuals purchase little economy vehicles and "on the off chance that their vehicle will not have airbags and when mishaps occur, it might bring about passings. Along these lines, I appeal to all vehicle makers to give at least six airbags across all variations and sections of the vehicle," he said. 

While recognizing that extra airbags in little vehicles will expand their expense by basically Rs 3,000-4,000, Gadkari likewise said, "in our country, poor ought to likewise get security (if there should be an occurrence of street mishaps)". 

Known for communicating his perspectives honestly, he said, "for rich individuals, you (car creators) offer eight airbags, and for economy model vehicles (utilized by lower working class individuals), you will offer just two-three airbags. Why?"

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