Friday, September 17, 2021

Govt says that in touch with all concerned in Afghanistan


In touch with ‘all concerned’ in Afghanistan to get Indian freed, says govt
NEW DELHI: While affirming the snatching of an Indian public in Kabul, the public authority said on Thursday said it is in contact with "all worried" in Afghanistan to get the arrival of the financial specialist distinguished as B L Arendeh. 

"We've seen a report for someone who has gone missing with regards to an Indian public missing in Kabul. We're in contact with all concerned. We've seen reports about nearby specialists undertaking examination," said MEA representative Arindam Bagchi. 

"We'll keep on observing the circumstance and advise you of any turns of events," he added. The representative was reacting to inquiries concerning whether India had set up contact with the Taliban on the issue. 

At the point when explicitly found out if Arendeh is an Indian public, Bagchi said, "I'm given to comprehend that he is an Indian resident however we are additionally taking a look at that part". 

Reports said Arendeh's family lives in Faridabad, and he has been occupied with business in Kabul throughout the previous twenty years. Answering to another inquiry, Bagchi said it is hard to say about bringing back excess Indians and some other Afghan nationals till flight administrations continued in Kabul air terminal.

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