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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Qaida is praising Afghanistan victory

Qaida cheers Afghanistan ‘victory’, says Kashmir next target

NEW DELHI: Now that Afghanistan has been "freed" from American occupation by the Taliban, al-Qaida has called upon the worldwide Muslim people group to "free" other Muslim land, putting Kashmir on the rundown of next focuses of worldwide jihad, yet leaving out Xinjiang in China and Chechnya in Russia. 

Delighting over the "triumph" of the Taliban over America, the worldwide dread gathering called for dispatching the following phase of the "battle, the way for which has been cleared by the triumph of the insubordinate Afghan country". 

Other than Kashmir, it shortlisted the Levant, or the Mediterranean area including Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon; Islamic Maghreb, or the locale in northwest Africa comprising of Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Tunisia and Somalia; and Yemen as its needs. 

"With the assistance of Allah, this memorable triumph will open the way for the Muslim masses to accomplish freedom from the tyrannical principle of despots who have been forced by the West on the Islamic world," said As-Sahab, the authority news source of the center al-Qaida administration in Pakistan. 

Kashmir figures noticeably in the rundown of targets. The last time Kashmir was referenced by al-Qaida was during the dispatch of its J&K outlet, Ansar Ghazwatul Hind, with the admitted objective of re-vanquishing India for Islam. 

The oversight of Xinjiang and Chechnya, the two locales of supposed abominations on Muslims, is accepted to be more political in nature. China and Russia have turned out as of late to help the Taliban. 

The al-Qaida center authority stays in Pakistan with Ayman al-Zawahiri as its head, and, as the assertion makes it understood, stays touchy to the political objectives of their hosts—the Pakistani government. 

The way that al-Qaida has abstained from referencing two areas where Muslims are apparently being designated is fascinating. Chechens, at the less than desirable finish of Russia's intense standard, shaped the huge number of IS warriors in Iraq and Syria while Muslims in Xinjiang stay a mistreated parcel according to various reports. 

As the US abandoned its quality in Afghanistan in the most untidy way possible, China and Russia have joined together to censure the withdrawal as well as help the Taliban. That has reached out to Pakistan too, which is currently in a casual gathering with China, Russia and even Turkey, as the Taliban's sponsors. 

China and Russia cooperated in the UNSC on Tuesday as they mutually avoided on Resolution 2593. The two nations protested the avoidance of IS and ETIM (East Turkestan Islamic Movement) of the Uighurs in the goal. Russia protested the departure of Afghans, calling it "mind channel", while China needed the US to keep on remaining on in Afghanistan to finish its central goal. The two nations required the thawing of the Taliban's resources by the US and multilateral monetary foundations. 

Russia, surely, is quick to set the Taliban as the "foe" of the Islamic State-Khorasan, trusting the new system in Kabul will assist manage the last mentioned.

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