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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Chef Damu has been awarded Lifetime Achievement Award in London

Gourmet specialist Kothandaraman Damodaran, affectionately known as culinary expert Damu, has been deliberated with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Global Food, Hospitality and Tourism Achievements Award-2021 in London. 

Founded by the World Tamil Organization (WTO-UK), the service held at the House of Commons in the British Parliament on November 5 saw the first-of-its-sort grant introduced to the veteran in the cooking business. 

The gourmet specialist then, at that point, additionally took to Instagram to share a video displaying looks from the service. 

"Glad to have gotten this Lifetime Achievement grant in London. Thank each and every individual who are and have been essential for my excursion," he composed alongside the post. 

The gourmet specialist's vocation ranges more than 40 years, and he has gotten in excess of 100 honors. He additionally holds three Guinness Records including the longest cooking long distance race by a solitary person in 2010. He is at present the President of South Indian Chef Association and is likewise an individual from the World Association of Cooks Society. 

The 67-year-old additionally holds a PhD in inn the executives. According to the culinary specialist's Facebook page, he is the principal individual to accept his privileged doctorate in inn the board from the Institute of Hotel Management, Taramani, Chennai. 

He is well versed in moment formula masalas, and has imagined around 15 masalas for housewives, according to the page. 

He has likewise composed 17 cookbooks including Damodharan's "Food Production Theory" for Hotel Management understudies, which was subsequently acquainted with all Hotel Management schools and Institutes in India. 

Culinary specialist Damu, a well known face on TV cookery shows, loves to travel and investigate world food. "He has voyaged broadly all around the world to learn and comprehend the different food propensities and cooking styles of individuals all throughout the planet," the page peruses.

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