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Friday, November 19, 2021

Chennai police may get a drone unit

The Tamil Nadu government on Wednesday passed a request to frame a unique robot unit for the Greater Chennai police. Nine robots — six speedy reaction payload drones, two long-range observation drones and a lifeguard drone — will frame the new unit costing Rs 3.60 crore. 

According to the request, drone units will be conveyed at vantage guides in the city toward help and help field cops to decrease the reaction time to trouble calls, lead observation on VIP courses and wrongdoing inclined regions, and empower saving of individuals abandoned on ocean side regions and in elevated structures during fire occurrences. 

The robot units will be put at first at Marina ocean side, neighboring Gandhi Statue, or Elliot's ocean side or Pondy Bazaar. 

Every versatile unit with nine robots is to be housed in an impermanent construction utilizing holder lodges (roughly 40 feet long and 10 feet in tallness) with the ground floor to be utilized as a control room and upper deck for drone activity. 

The fast reaction payload robot will be a multi-rotor drone fit for compatible payloads. It has a HD camera with warm and night vision. The 2.5-kg drone has a 2-km nonstop flying reach and 30 minutes constant flying time. 

The long reach reconnaissance robot will be a crossover drone (quadcopter and wing plane) to make vertical departure and landing. The 5-kg drone has 100 minutes of consistent flight time and 30 km nonstop flying reach. 

The lifeguard robot would be a 12-kg powerful and substantial lift one. It has 15 minutes of consistent flight time and 1 km flying reach.

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