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Thursday, November 11, 2021

North Chennai battered by rain

It has been four days of constant misery and torment for Amulu, a 35-year-old every day wage specialist and her child. Downpour water blended in with sewage has entered her hovel at Perambur Barracks street in North Chennai, making it hard for her to find even a spot to rest. 

"Other than the smell, there are parasites and centipedes drifting all around my home. There is no spot to eat or rest. We have no place to go. Like others, I haven't gone to work in seven days now, and I have no cash passed on to purchase food," Amulu added. 

Following unending downpours in Chennai and across Tamil Nadu throughout the most recent four days because of the upper east rainstorm, most parts in the northern pieces of the capital, including Perambur Barracks Road, Pattalam, abutting Pulianthope, Perambur, are the most noticeably terrible hit. The stale water has not retreated and has gone into many houses, driving occupants to reside on roads. Individuals are living out of dread of sewage-blended water that could make them helpless against different infections including dengue. Most have likewise run out of food supplies. 

As per reports, near 35,000-40,000 inhabitants at Thiru Vi Ka Nagar (Zone 6) have been impacted because of weighty waterlogging. The region is in knee-profound waters, making driving truly challenging. Bike riders were seen pushing their bicycles through sheets of water after their vehicles stalled. 

Amulu said none of the partnership authorities have visited their region and given help measures. "Nobody from the organization or some other party came to help us. We have nobody to go to. We are defenseless," the 35-year-old said, adding that some of them are getting food from a close by chapel. 

Since November 6, Chennai and its adjoining locale Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu, Karaikal, Tiruvallur have been confronting weighty storms. 

According to the most recent declaration from the Meteorological Department, the very much stamped low-pressure region over Bay of Bengal gathered into a downturn, which is probably going to cross the coast by November 11 evening. The climate framework is probably going to cross north Tamil Nadu and abutting south Andhra Pradesh drifts among Karaikal and Sriharikota, near the north of Puducherry by November 11 evening. 

'Power yet to continue' 

The weighty downpours have additionally prompted power cuts throughout the most recent four days across the city. 

Chandrasekhar, an occupant of KM Garden and a worker at a money organization who has been telecommuting since the pandemic began, said there has been no power supply since 4:30 pm on Sunday. 

"We have had no control in the course of the most recent four days and I have a 9-5 work. My PC can't stand the charge the whole day, so following six hours of work, I go to my significant other's family's place to charge my PC and return to work. Be that as it may, how long would i be able? The power won't continue except if the water dries out," he said. 

Venkatesh, an organization laborer from a similar region, said that when water went into his home, he moved to his sibling's home with his family. "Throughout the previous four days, we have been remaining there. Today, I came here to check if water has retreated or not, as yesterday there was little downpour. Lamentably, the water level at my home remaining parts practically as old as. Large numbers of the family things have been washed away." 

Venkatesh said he could scarcely stroll in waterlogged roads. He said the houses on the ground floor were the most impacted, and every one of the electrical apparatuses have been harmed. 

"It is exceptionally hazardous to stroll in these roads as there are such countless wires around," Venkatesh said. 

While a couple of inhabitants have moved out of the space, most have either moved to the upper floors of their own or their neighbors' home. 

Shanmugam, a wooden industrial facility proprietor, who lives in Angalamman Kovil road, in Pattalam, had shut his close by processing plant after water entered the units. 

"For the present, we have kept our machines at a more elevated level. In any case, if the downpours proceed and water levels rise further, our machines are probably going to get harmed," he said. 

At Govindapuram and Thatankulam roads, where the water level has ascended to neck level and power supply has additionally snapped, occupants were spotted leaving their homes with packs in a rush. A considerable lot of them said they had been enduring just on bread. 

Devaraj, who runs a little supermarket nearby, said he attempted to go out each day to purchase fundamentals and offer them to the occupants. "It is amazingly difficult to go purchase food. I push my cycle against the water with loads of hardships." 

'No assistance from specialists' 

Boss Minister MK Stalin as of late visited the Perambur Barracks street and guaranteed to make strides, notwithstanding, occupants asserted not a lot has been done to deplete the water or give basics to them. 

"In the wide range of various regions, water levels have diminished and the enterprise is accomplishing something. In our space, no action has been taken at this point," he said. 

Inhabitants said water-logging is a perpetual issue in this territory. They recalled the repulsions of the 2015 floods where hundreds lost their lives and vocations. 

"Consistently, regardless of whether it rains for the time being, water gets stale. In spite of bringing up this to the specialists, no move has been made" Chandrasekhar said. 

The Greater Chennai Corporation said they are putting forth attempts to address these worries. On Monday, GCC Commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi said the municipal body has assigned Rs 4 crore for help measures. Bedi said he has guided the zonal specialists to complete alleviation measures including purchasing JCBs, jab paths and employing extra engine siphons. 

The Chennai Corporation, in a delivery, said they have positioned boats in 41 delicate regions for salvage work. Anglers have likewise been conveyed. Notwithstanding, occupants of Pattalam guaranteed anglers are charging Rs 200-250 from the inhabitants for salvage work. 

Addressing Joint Managing Director, Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board, M Pradeep Kumar, who has been delegated by the state government to screen help measures in Zone 6, said they have deputed 48 engines in and around Zone 6 (Thiru-Vi-Ka-Nagar) to siphon out the water. He said since the Pattalam region territory is a bowl-formed one, the water has not subsided. 

"We have set 48 engines in and around zone 6. Consistently we are dispersing 18,000 food parcels and directing wellbeing camps in 10 help places. We have worked 15 versatile clinical camps and furthermore did hazing and review of immersed regions to check spread of sicknesses like dengue. In the help habitats, 389 individuals are at present obliged. We have likewise deputed extra 288 high-power engines." 

Pradeep Kumar said the water in Kolathur is emptying out leisurely, yet Jawahar Nagar and Pulianthope remain intensely immersed. "The issue with the Pulianthope region is that main a characteristic channel is conceivable. It is a bowl-molded territory. It must be depleted to the Gandhi Nagar trench where the water level has descended since morning. Ideally, in case there isn't a lot of downpour in the forthcoming hours, it will be emptied out greatest by tomorrow (Thursday) evening," he added. 

A 24×7 control room is set up at the Rippon Building in Chennai. Authorities from the police office, power, water supply, fire and salvage staff, public works division are routinely observing the issues.

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