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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Partial Lunar Eclipse: Know how to watch

On November 19, the Moon will slip into Earth's shadow and we can see a halfway lunar shroud and the last lunar obscuration of the year. An incomplete lunar overshadowing happens when the Earth interferes with the Sun and the Moon, yet not in an ideal line. A little piece of the moon gets covered by the Earth's shadow and we can see a ruddy Moon. 

The fractional lunar obscuration will be noticeable from North America, South America, Eastern Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Region. 

Lunar overshadowing of November 19: Where in India will it be noticeable? 

Assuming the rainclouds hold back, a little piece of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam will encounter the incomplete shroud, and those from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand can see the end part of the obscuration. 

Lunar shroud: Time of the overshadowing 

Start time: 12:48 IST 

End time: 16:17 IST 

The span of the incomplete shroud is 3hrs 28 minutes and 24 seconds, making it the longest obscuration of the 21st century and the longest in practically the most recent 600 years. The last time such an extensive halfway overshadowing happened was on February 18, 1440, and the following time a comparative one will happen on February 8, 2669. 

Lunar shroud: How to watch? 

In case you are in the upper east piece of India, you can watch the obscuration utilizing your unaided eye. No unique hardware or optics are required. You can likewise watch the live stream of the overshadowing on the YouTube channel of Lowell Observatory and 

The following all out lunar overshadowing will be on May 16, 2022, yet it won't be apparent from India. India will encounter a complete lunar shroud on November 8, 2022. 

Lunar obscuration: One moon, many names 

The full moon on November 19 is additionally called the ice moon or beaver moon. Full moons in November acquired this name as this is the hour of first snowfall and ice, and beavers begin assembling their dams or traps. This Full Moon is additionally celebrated as the Loi Krathong celebration in Thailand and Tazaungdaing Festival in Myanmar. In India, Kartik Purnima or Karthika Deepam celebration is commended on November 19.

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