Thursday, January 6, 2022

1st woman to command US nuclear carrier


Navy captain becomes 1st woman to command US nuclear carrier

SAN DIEGO: The USS Abraham Lincoln conveyed for the current week from San Diego under the order of Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt, the main lady to lead an atomic transporter in US Navy history.

Bauernschmidt, who recently filled in as the Abraham Lincoln's boss from 2016 to 2019, took over order from Capt. Walt Slaughter during a function last August, CBS 8 in San Diego revealed.

The transporter conveyed Monday from Naval Air Station North Island as a feature of the Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group.

''There is not any more lowering feeling of obligation than to realize you are endowed with the consideration of individuals who have decided to ensure our country,'' Bauernschmidt said, as per a Navy news discharge. ''Much obliged to you, Capt. Butcher, for turning over the best boat in the armada.''

Bauernschmidt recently filled in as the chief of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 70 and the land and/or water capable vehicle dock San Diego.

She has finished in excess of 3,000 flight hours during her profession, the news station revealed.

The Abraham Lincoln finished its upkeep period in April, following a 294-day, around-the-world organization.

The Carrier Strike Group is driven by the order staff of Carrier Strike Group 3 and comprises of Nimitz-class plane carrying warship USS Abraham Lincoln, Carrier Air Wing 9, the directed rocket cruiser USS Mobile Bay and the directed rocket destroyers of Destroyer Squadron 21 _ USS Fitzgerald, USS Gridley, USS Sampson and USS Spruance.

The hit bunch is conveying with what the Navy is promoting as its ''most progressive air wing'' and is going to the Indo-Pacific district.

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