Friday, January 21, 2022

Britain vows full support for investigations in US synagogue attack

Britain vows 'full support' to US over synagogue attack

LONDON: Britain on Monday guaranteed "full help" to the US agents after it arose that the man behind a prisoner taking at a Texas gathering place was a British resident.

"This was an awful and hostile to Semitic demonstration of psychological warfare," Prime Minister Boris Johnson's representative told writers after the assault, during which British capturer Malik Faisal Akram was killed.

English police have captured two young people in Manchester regarding Saturday's 10-hour attack in the little Texan town of Colleyville that finished with the four prisoners safe.

The Muslim Council of Britain referred to the assault as "totally unsuitable and we censure the activity in the most grounded potential terms".

"The demonstration is even more inexcusable since it was impelled at a position of love where Jews were focused on," the Council's Secretary General Zara Mohammed said.

"This was, essentially, a disdain wrongdoing and a demonstration of hostile to Semitism. We are grateful that the prisoners are safe. However some might look to take advantage of such episodes for troublesome closures, we should twofold our determination to stay joined against such disdain."

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