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Hyun Bin wanted to work with Son Ye Jin

Before Crash Landing On You, there was this film called The Negotiation, a film a long way from the mush. It was a mental prisoner dramatization, featuring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. On her birthday, here's taking a gander at their science.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin's Crash Landing On You is the Olive Garden of sentiments, spinning around the star-crossed romantic tale of a South Korean beneficiary and a North Korean military official. The 16-episode show turned into a worldwide sensation and perhaps one of only a handful of exceptional shows that enrolled with non-Hallyu fans, aside from Goblin and Boys Over Flowers.

It was an especially ridiculous romantic tale — a lady goes paragliding, yet arrives in North Korea after a twister. Utilizing all the K-show figures of speech accessible, a prohibited sentiment among her and a tactical official start to thrive, similarly as he attempts to get her across the line clandestinely. He does as such, and afterward he needs to track down a way back to South Korea since he understands she is at serious risk. Passionate discoursed are conveyed, embraces in cool winters are traded, and tears are shed, more coming down of shots, a brush with death lastly, an ambivalent closure.

Sounds crazy, yet goodness, did the show hit the perfect balance. The science between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin was overpowering, and let's face it, those of us who saw the show, were going after the tissues at the line scene. A debilitated and recuperating Yoon Seri (Son Ye Jin) hurries to prevent Captain Ri Hyeuk from intersection the line. He sees her far in advance, and all he continues to say is, "Don't run!" It's a strong scene, as the two hug and the officials from North and South Korea watch them, prepared to shoot if necessary. It was significant and the message was gotten: Love has no lines. This blossoming on-screen holding converted into a genuine relationship off screen, making Bin-Jin fans yell with euphoria.

The show boils down to the mysterious science between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin — that shines over the vast escape clauses that legitimate personalities would find. The two entertainers were at that point grounded in South Korea and were referred to pick strong scripts like Hyun Bin's Secret Garden and Memories Of The Alhambra and Son Ye Jin's Something In The Rain.

Yet, before CLOY (as it's regularly called), there was a film called The Negotiation — a film that didn't have anything to do with mush. It was a mental prisoner show, featuring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Obviously, Hyun Bin did the film since he realized Son Ye-Jin was in it. "My initial feeling of [Hyun Bin] was that he had truly incredible skin and hair, and I figured he should be an entertainer that entertainers are truly into," Son is cited as saying on Soompi.

In a meeting to Esquire Korea, Hyun Bin referenced how sharp he was on functioning with Son Ye Jin. "There are times when I feel extraordinary appeal and rush from seeing the entertainer inverse me show surprising acting. There's likewise a rush to my own response to that acting. While recording The Negotiation, I saw that in Son Ye Jin, so I thought, 'I need to have a go at working with her once more.' At the time, [we had shot separately], so I needed to take a stab at acting with her in a similar space, visually connecting, and breathing a similar air, and that open door came rapidly," he had said.

The Negotiation featured Son Ye Jin truly Seoul Police Inspector Ha Cha-Eun, who is a prisoner circumstance master. Hyun Bin plays a smarmy arms vendor, who is purportedly holding prisoners on an island in the waterways of Malacca. Cha-Eun is constrained into a video talk with him, and she has the nerve-wracking undertaking of discovering his requests. For practically the aggregate of the film, the two cooperate through screens. There is weighty social informing as Min-Gu is out to vindicate the passing of his sister, from a framework that is ridden with defilement. Generally, the film is no doubt forgettable and stretches to past absurd towards the peak.

Notwithstanding, it's the consummation — where both of them at last are in the casing — that fairly rescues the film. The strains and science that the chief had been attempting to relate through screens, at last detonates between the two. Cha-Eun has acknowledged why he does this, for all intents and purposes to deal with a friend or family member, who languished over no shortcoming of hers. She comes to beseech him that there is a preferred way over killing those liable for the passing of his sister.

The hard shell of the prisoner taker breaks, and he becomes powerless in those last minutes, as he uncovers his responsibility in allowing his sister to bite the dust. There is a warmed trade of words and he nearly focuses his weapon at her, yet can't do as such as he is conflicted between his inspirations and developing affections for her. It's an if by some stroke of good luck I-met-you-in-another-lifetime second, and he cries a tear as she keeps on beseeching him to alter his way of life. He says, "I really needed to get a beverage with you." Snipers are ready at this point, and this story doesn't have a cheerful consummation.

Also it's simply a question of five minutes, or maybe even less. That is in a real sense the main screen time Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin shared and it was enough for fans to petition God for a show with the two of them, and in 2019, they got CLOY.

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