Thursday, January 13, 2022

Netflix drama Black Knight to make a comeback with Kim Woo-bin

Kim Woo-receptacle, who was most recently seen in the 2016 show Uncontrollably Fond, will assume the part of incredible conveyance driver "5-8" in Black Knight.

Wildly Fond star Kim Woo-receptacle, Beyond Evil entertainer Kang You-seok and Taxi Driver entertainer E Som are collaborating for another Netflix series named Black Knight.

Cho Ui-seok, most popular for his 2013 insightful spine chiller movie Cold Eyes, will coordinate the show for the streaming goliath. In light of the well known webtoon of a similar title by Lee Yoon-gyun, Black Knight is set in an air contaminated world in 2071, where individuals rely upon respirator veils to relax. "Just a single percent of mankind has made due, and a severe social separation has been set up in the abandoned grounds of the Korean Peninsula. Conveyance drivers assume a vital part inside this framework, and for exiles, turning into a conveyance driver is their main expect endurance.

"In the midst of disarray, Black Knight recounts the tale of an unbelievable conveyance driver '5-8' with outstanding fight abilities and an outcast 'Sawol' who fantasies about emulating his example," peruses the logline of the series delivered by Netflix.

Kim, additionally known for the hit K-dramatization Inheritors, will assume the part of the incredible conveyance driver "5-8".

The series denotes a get-together for Kim and Cho post their 2016 spine chiller film Master. Kim will likewise be found in the tvN dramatization Our Blues. Kang will play Sawol, an evacuee kid and an admirer of "5-8" who fantasies about turning into a conveyance driver.

E Som will star as Seolah, a tactical official at the Defense Intelligence Command. Seolah saves Sawol's life and really focuses on him like her own family.

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