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Everybody is addicted to the new game on the internet: Wordle. Read to know how to play

If you are not under a rock, you would have come across many tweets on Worlde being posted with their scores. This might have flooded your timeline this week and will continue to do so probably. That said, do you know what the game is and what it is called? It’s nothing but “Wordle” and you can do a google search of the same term to get to the wordle page. Go ahead, try it and you can come back here to learn more.

Goal of the game

If you have played the game, you would know that the goal is to guess the word in the least tries possible. If you guess the word in the first try, which many cannot, you will be at the top of the scoreboard. Also, you cannot keep on trying forever. You have a limit of 6 tries per word. So you will have to guess it within these many tries.

Hints from the game

When you are guessing a word, if it’s wrong, it will show some hints for you to give it a second try. Some letters will be marked green and some will be marked orange. Others will be grayed out. 

Who developed this addictive game?

If you use Twitter, Wordle is something you will not miss playing online.

Wordle is developed by Josh Wardle. He is a programmer who created Social Experiments like Place and The Buttons for Reddit.


Wardle created Wordle for himself and his friends to play at their free time. It became an addict for his friends and relatives. So, he started developing the game further. It was first featured in BBC Radio 4 in October, 2021.

Word Game is generally an Entertainment source for keeping our free time occupied.

It’s not on Play store. It can be played via Wordle Webpage. 

How to Play?

Wordle - Wikipedia



You will have to guess a five - letter word. Each guess will reveal the correct letter. Correct guess will turn green. Incorrect guess will be yellow.


Use any letter from English Language. The most common letters are a, e, i, o, s, h, n, t, and r.

Think of words that use common letters in English Language.

Play other video games related to word search.

Points to be noted:

Only six hints will be given to guess the words.

To improve start reading book, it will improve your vocabulary. 

After a winning streak, the results can be shared on Twitter and another social media handle. 

Current state of the game

New york post has acquired this game for so and so money etc. They are trying to get more visitors into their website because 


Reading books improves focus, memory and communication skills. It also helps in Vocabulary. It is important for winning in Wordle game.

Try words that are common in usage like:





Over 30,000 play Wordle everyday on Daily Basis in a survey, according to New-York Times.

Internet is going crazy with Wordle. 

You can enjoy playing this game, but there are limits to how much you can play since new words are only given every 10 hours or so. While you are waiting you can try out these other games if you are into word games: Scrabble, words with friends, etc etc.


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