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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Imran Khan visiting Moscow can be a bad thing for Pak's reputation

Imran Khan's visit to Moscow will be a blow to Pak's reputation

NEW DELHI: The most unmistakable part of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit to Moscow is that it was anything but a greeting from Russia, rather a welcome looked for by Islamabad, as per an article.

Jan Achakzai, an international investigator wrote in an article for The News that Khan will visit Russia at a time which is likely not an appropriate second.

Here is another oddity Pakistan is confronting today. Driven by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), a minority party government sitting in charge with the help of partners assembled by strong quarters took this choice for the country, the article said.

"The most unmistakable part of this visit is that Russia didn't welcome, rather a greeting was looked for. Also more so in a climate where Putin has effectively called Prime Minister Modi to offer thanks for India's help to Russia in the UN Security Council," the investigator says in his article.

"Curiously, Russia didn't look for our help, nor did the US prevent us from going to Moscow. Is it Pakistan's insignificance or a reasonable perusing of the US that we will return from Russia with essentially nothing and will ask for monetary concessions from Washington in gatherings like IMF, FATF, and so forth, from a place of additional shortcoming?

"What's more Russia losing India for Pakistan's help isn't a choice. Pakistan's help comes at the expense of incessant solicitations for help and advances. Moreover, Moscow won't pacify Pakistan at this crossroads as doing as such will affront India. Russia needs Delhi's help more than anything more since the Biden Administration has enclosed President Putin a tough spot in the Ukraine emergency

"Mr PM pls follow your NSP and stay away from one more Liaquat Ali Khan second in Pakistan's international strategy. While, the expense will be heavier for the nation's advantage, it will be pounding for your picture. The reality of this visit will be a catastrophe for Pakistan's standing. We have less choices and we will look "optionless" after this visit," the creator added.

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