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Ukraine's president says will stay in Kyiv as Russia invades the capital

Ukraine's president vows to stay put as Russian invaders approach

 KYIV: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy pledged on Friday to remain in Kyiv as his soldiers combat Russian trespassers progressing toward the capital in the greatest assault on an European state since World War Two.

Russia sent off its intrusion via land, air and ocean on Thursday following a presentation of battle by President Vladimir Putin. An expected 100,000 individuals escaped as blasts and gunfire shook significant urban areas. Handfuls have been accounted for killed.

U.S. also Ukrainian authorities say Russia intends to catch Kyiv and bring down the public authority, which Putin views as a manikin of the United States. Russian soldiers held onto the Chernobyl previous thermal energy station north of Kyiv as they progressed along the most limited course to Kyiv from Belarus toward the north.

"(The) adversary has checked me down as the main objective," Zelenskiy cautioned in a video message as weighty battling was accounted for on various fronts. "My family is the number two objective. They need to obliterate Ukraine politically by annihilating the head of state."

"I will remain in the capital. My family is likewise in Ukraine."

Putin says Russia is doing "an extraordinary military activity" to prevent the Ukrainian government from submitting annihilation against its own kin - an allegation the West calls unmerited. He likewise says Ukraine is an ill-conceived express whose lands generally have a place with Russia.

Inquired as to whether he was stressed over Zelenskiy's security, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told CBS: "supposedly, President Zelenskiy stays in Ukraine at his post, and obviously we're worried for the wellbeing of every one of our companions in Ukraine - government authorities and others."


A vote based country of 44 million individuals, Ukraine decided in favor of freedom at the fall of the Soviet Union and has as of late increased determination to join the NATO military partnership and the European Union, goals that incense Moscow.

The United States, Britain, Japan, Canada, Australia and the EU disclosed more endorses on Moscow on top of punishments recently, including a move by Germany to end a $11 billion gas pipeline from Russia.

EU international strategy boss Josep Borrell portrayed the alliance's actions as "the most extreme bundle of approvals we have at any point executed".

China went under tension over its refusal to call Russia's attack an intrusion.

U.S. President Joe Biden, addressing columnists at the White House, said: "Any country that faces Russia's exposed hostility against Ukraine will be stained by affiliation." He declined to remark straightforwardly on China's position.

Russia is one of the world's greatest energy makers, and both it and Ukraine are among the top exporters of grain. War and endorses will disturb economies all over the planet.

Oil costs took off as much as $2 per barrel on Friday as business sectors prepare for the effect of international embargoes on significant unrefined exporter Russia.

U.S. wheat fates hit their most elevated in almost 14 years, corn drifted close to an eight-month pinnacle and soybeans bounced back on feelings of trepidation of grain supply disturbances from the key Black Sea area.

Aircrafts were likewise confronting interruptions, with Japan Airlines dropping its Thursday evening trip to Moscow and Britain shutting its airspace to Russian transporters.


Zelenskiy said 137 military faculty and regular people had been killed in the battling, with hundreds injured. Ukrainian authorities had before revealed somewhere around 70 individuals killed.

Ukrainian powers brought down an airplane over Kyiv right off the bat Friday, which then, at that point, collided with a private structure and set it ablaze, said Anton Herashchenko, a guide to the inside serve. It was indistinct on the off chance that the airplane was monitored.

A rocket hit a Ukrainian line post in the southeastern locale of Zaporizhzhya, killing and injuring a few watches, the boundary monitor administration said.

The United States and other NATO individuals have sent military guide to Ukraine however there is no transition to send troops inspired by a paranoid fear of igniting a more extensive European clash.

Unfamiliar Minister Dmytro Kuleba argued for "additional weapons to keep battling ... how much tanks, heavily clad vehicles, planes, helicopters that Russia tossed on Ukraine is unbelievable".

Exactly 90 km (60 miles) north of Kyiv, Chernobyl was taken over by powers without recognizing marks who incapacitated a Ukrainian military unit protecting the station, Ukraine's state atomic controller said.

It said there had been no losses, that nothing had been obliterated and that radiation levels were unaltered. It informed the International Atomic Energy Agency that it had failed to keep a grip on the plant.

The U.N. Security Council will decide on Friday on a draft goal that would denounce Russia's attack and require Moscow's prompt withdrawal.

Nonetheless, Moscow can reject the action, and it was muddled the way that China would cast a ballot.

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