Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Petrol, diesel prices increased; LPG to be hiked by Rs 50


Petrol, diesel prices hiked after 137 days; LPG to cost Rs 50 more

NEW DELHI: After a freeze of 137 days, petroleum and diesel costs on Tuesday were climbed by 80 paise a liter each while homegrown cooking gas costs were expanded by Rs 50 for every chamber.

This will be the primary climb after the cost stayed unaltered since November 4, 2021.

The climb is an aftermath of a spike in worldwide oil costs, particularly after Russia's attack of Ukraine. High worldwide unrefined petroleum costs is a main pressing issue for India as the nation imports 85% of its oil interest.

Petroleum in Delhi will currently cost Rs 96.21 per liter as against Rs 95.41 beforehand while diesel rates have gone up from Rs 86.67 per liter to Rs 87.47.

A 14.2-kg non-financed LPG chamber will currently cost Rs 949.50 in the public capital.

While LPG rates were keep going amended on October 6, petroleum and diesel costs had been on a freeze since November 4 in front of the get together decisions in states like Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

Costs have been on a freeze from that point forward notwithstanding the expense of unrefined substance spiraling. Global oil costs were around $81-82 a barrel toward the beginning of November as against $114 now.

Sources said a 5kg LPG chamber will currently cost Rs 349 while the 10kg composite jug will come for Rs 669.

The 19-kg business chamber presently costs Rs 2003.50.

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