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Two people travel on foot to raise pedestrian safety awareness


Akshay Aralikatti and Gurkirat Singh were prepared in mountaineering and perseverance courses that prepared them to attempt the excursion securely

Two previous associates, Akshay Aralikatti and Gurkirat Singh, are on a laborious excursion of about 4,000 km by walking, to bring issues to light on common wellbeing and framework in India, alongside spreading the significance of a functioning way of life.

Venturing out from Nagaland's Kohima to Tamil Nadu's Kanyakumari, both were prepared with mountaineering and perseverance courses that prepared them to embrace the excursion securely.

So we at long last chosen to print our campaign on paper. We understood it is more compelling to outwardly show what we are upto.

These banners will:

1. Assist us with successfully spreading the message about our objective.

2. Will better empower us to look for help with respect to different issues that we face out and about like looking for the time being cover and so forth

Akshay, 27, and Gurkirat, 28, the two architects, at first met as trip pioneers at Indiahikes, a Bengaluru-based outside big business. They stayed in contact even while they were driving journeying undertakings profound into the Himalayas.

Limited by their common love for offbeat vocation ways and nature, they set out on an experience that would show them the genuine importance of "solidarity, and flexibility". They delineated courses and agendas, at long last settling on Kohima as the beginning stage.

"Whenever Gurkirat moved toward me with undertaking this excursion, I promptly said OK. He was unable to accept for a decent two hours that I'd concurred," Akshay told.

The two went through generally rustic streets which were not helpful for strolling. "I created excruciating rankles on my feet five days into the excursion and one of Gurkirat's old lower leg wounds started to misbehave. We were depleted, yet Gurkirat persuaded me to proceed," he said.

When inquired as to whether they confronted any difficulties while acclimatizing into various societies and states on their movements, the response was a steadfast 'no'. "We give in a lot to generalizations of spots, particularly about the manner in which individuals will act. We are glad to share that we confronted no bad things to say of any inappropriate occurrences; all things being equal, individuals were totally warm and inviting any place we went."

Individuals would some of the time get inquisitive and go with them out and about, asking them inquiries about their campaign and their main goal. One such discussion drove the pair to a school named Parangerpar Shishu Kalyan High School in Falakata, West Bengal, where they wound up addressing more than 200 kids who were in wonder.

Akshay shared that for significant length of time the team would battle to secure an essential plate of dal-chawal. "We made due on chai, samosa and rasgullas while we were out and about in West Bengal's country regions."

Following a 117-day-long excursion from Nagaland, Assam, Bihar, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, which will at last finish at Tamil Nadu, Akshay and Gurkirat plan to make up for lost time with some genuinely necessary rest.

"We strolled for more than 40 km consistently and it gets troublesome, particularly on the grounds that we are setting up shelters and resting and returning to a similar schedule the following day. What pushed us along was the way that we chose to stroll for a noble motivation and that message should be spread," Akshay added.

"Our bodies are drained however our brains aren't. We'd very much want to continue spreading the message of driving a sound and dynamic way of life alongside the significance of person on foot framework. It's vital that there are suitable spaces for individuals to stroll in metropolitan regions," he closed.

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