Friday, March 4, 2022

Ukraine president Zelenskyy talks about Russia's nuclear threat

Ukraine-Russia war: Zelenskyy accuses Russia of 'nuclear terror' after plant attack

 KYIV: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy blamed Moscow Friday for depending on "atomic dread" and needing to "rehash" the Chernobyl fiasco after he said attacking Russian powers assaulted a thermal energy station.

He asked world pioneers to awaken and keep Europe from "kicking the bucket from an atomic fiasco" after the mainland's biggest plant burst into flames after it was shelled.

"No country other than Russia has at any point terminated on atomic power units," he said in a video message delivered by his office. "This is the initial time in our set of experiences. Throughout the entire existence of humankind. The psychological militant state currently depended on atomic fear.

The station at Zaporizhzhia, a modern city in the southeast, supplies an expected 40 percent of the country's atomic power and, as per Zelenskyy, houses six of Ukraine's 15 reactors.

As indicated by Kyiv, the burst began after Russian soldiers terminated on the office.

"These are tanks outfitted with warm imagers, so they know where they are shooting," said Zelenskyy.

In any case, "fundamental" hardware at the station was unaffected and radiation levels were ordinary, nearby authorities told the UN's nuclear guard dog.

Ukraine's atomic offices have been a central matter of worry after Russia's military attacked the nation last week and started besieging urban communities with shells and rockets.

"Assuming there is a blast, it is the finish of everything. The finish of Europe," Zelenskyy said. "Just prompt European activity can stop Russian soldiers."

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