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Do not use these 5 kitchen ingredients on your face


1.5 kitchen fixings you shouldn't matter all over

The skincare pattern of going all-normal has been spiraling as of late. Individuals hesitant of utilizing locally acquired substance based excellence items are leaning towards remembering kitchen elements for their standard skincare schedule. Effectively accessible and reasonable kitchen fixings are by and large progressively utilized as chemicals, scours, toners, and facial coverings as many individuals have an insight that normal items not hurt to the skin. Notwithstanding, this misinterpretation can prompt unfortunate outcomes since numerous kitchen fixings are not appropriate to be applied on the face. Arthi Raguram, Founder, Deyga Organics recommends five kitchen fixings that you ought to never apply to your face.


Because of the rich substance of cell reinforcements in lemon, many individuals use it straightforwardly all over to address pigmentation issues and light up skin. Be that as it may, lemon is exceptionally acidic in nature and the kitchen fixing can upset the pH equilibrium of the skin and cause serious hypersensitive responses, over the top dryness, redness, and stripping of the skin. The side effects could actually deteriorate assuming that you have a touchy or tricky skin type. In this manner, make a point to avoid effective lemon applications, rather utilize a couple of drops of lemon juice in ubtans/facial coverings for best outcomes.

3. White sugar

Get your hands far from involving sugar in your DIY face scours as their sharp edges can harm delicate facial tissues. Miniature tears in the outer layer of the skin brought about by utilizing shedding with ordinary white sugar can prompt aggravation, disturbance, redness, dryness, and other skin issues. Individuals with skin break out issues ought to never involve white salt or sugar as their application could prompt scarring, redness, and more aggravation.

4.Baking pop

Washing the face with baking pop or applying the fixing as a facial covering or physical exfoliator can eliminate the defensive oil obstruction of the skin and leave it helpless against contaminations and skin inflammation. Other than upsetting the sound bacterial greenery and fragile equilibrium of compounds, the use of baking soft drink can prompt more sun awareness and hyperpigmentation. Subsequently, leave the synthetic good as a solution for acid reflux as opposed to harming the skin with its utilization.


While cinnamon makes an amazing zest because of its incredible taste and flavor, the warm zest ought not be utilized on the skin straightforwardly. The fixing is seldom found in any magnificence care item since cinnamon is a typical aggravation. In the event that you actually wish to involve the kitchen fixing in your skincare normal, then make a point to add the flavor with honey, olive oil, and so forth for smooth and flaw free skin.

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