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From weaponry to alms: A soldier becomes a monk after becoming sick of the LTTE fight. Prathap

From arms to alms: Sickened by LTTE war, soldier becomes monk A Prathap

 COLOMBO: A Buddhist priest in ochre robes, with a dark veil and a beautiful umbrella, remained out and about close to the Bank of Ceylon in Colombo on Thursday, giving out gifts and treats from a wide-mouthed steel bowl. His robust form is the main sign that Sugatha Sara wasn't generally a priest - he was a warrior in the Sri Lankan armed force for quite a long time during the conflict with the LTTE. He says he quit, nauseated by the killings.

In this way, why has he emerged from the Sri Dharmawardana Ram Vihar, the Buddhist sanctuary in rural Colombo where he resides and works, and seldom leaves. The priest says he was upset by the monetary emergency and the developing turmoil across Sri Lanka. "I needed to help the unfortunate in these pained times," he says. "It is the order of individuals that the pioneer ought to leave," he adds.

Gotten some information about his military days, the priest says he enrolled at 18. "I was with Regiment 346. My last mission was in Vadamarachchi (in Jaffna promontory) on May 26, 1987. It was Sri Lanka's biggest joined administrations activity. A few LTTE individuals were killed in the monstrous activity," he says.

"I unexpectedly understood the killings were trivial. War isn't productive to individuals. Everything is obliterated. " So, Sugatha Sara surrendered war and chose to help poor people - both Sinhalese and Tamils. On Thursday he stood peacefully as fights seethed around him. Individuals approached him, a few bringing contributions. He acknowledges them and speedily offers them alongside his endowments.

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