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IOA calls the omission of shooting and wrestling from the 2026 CWG a "injustice" to India, and says it would decide how to proceed after engaging the ministry.


IOA terms exclusion of shooting, wrestling from 2026 CWG as 'injustice' to India, to decide course of action after consulting ministry

NEW DELHI: Indian Olympic Association on Thursday named the prohibition of shooting, wrestling and arrow based weaponry from the underlying system of 2026 Commonwealth Games as "grave shamefulness" to the nation and said it will challenge the choice in the wake of talking with the games service.

IOA Secretary General Rajeev Mehta said the Olympic body will compose a letter to the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) in a little while to challenge the choice.

"It is a grave shamefulness to India, leaving out shooting, wrestling and bows and arrows. Shooting and wrestling are our significant games in CWG. We challenge the choice and will compose a letter to the CGF in a little while," Mehta told PTI.

"Will talk about the matter with the IOA president and afterward with the games service in regards to the future game-plan."

Without shooting and wrestling, India's CWG award count is probably going to be decreased radically.

Shooting has been India's most grounded sport in the Commonwealth Games with 135 awards (63 gold, 44 silver and 28 bronze) till now. Wrestling is in third spot with 102 (43 gold, 37 silver and 22 bronze) decorations.

In the last CWG in Gold Coast (Australia) in 2018, shooting and wrestling together represented 28 awards out of the nation's absolute count of 66.

Shooting gave 16 awards (7 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze) while wrestling contributed 12 (5 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze).

On Tuesday, Victoria was declared as host of the 2026 Commonwealth Games with the Australian state's local communities coordinating most of occasions in a break from the conventional single host city model.

An underlying rundown of 16 games, including T20 cricket, have been advanced for the Games, with additional games to be added not long from now.

To bar shooting, wrestling and arrow based weaponry from the Games, it will be challenging to converse such a choice as the CGF General Assembly had supported in October last year a new 'vital guide' under which sports and swimming will be the main obligatory games from the 2026 version.

The host urban areas have been given more noteworthy opportunity to incorporate disciplines of their decision from a proposed center rundown of 22 games. The center rundown incorporates shooting, wrestling and toxophilism, other than T20 cricket, ocean side volleyball and 3x3 b-ball.

In 2019, the IOA had taken steps to blacklist the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games to be held from July 28 to August 8 this year in the wake of shooting's rejection from the program.

The danger was removed after the CGF consented to arrange a different Commonwealth Shooting Championship (as well as Commonwealth Archery Championship) in India with the decorations from the occasion to be included in the last standings of the Birmingham Games.

The shooting (as well as bows and arrows) title was to be held in Chandigarh in January this year yet dropped due to the "vulnerability" presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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