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Skin problems in women and how to treat them

 Ladies face many skin issues because of hormonal irregular characteristics, pregnancy, feminine cycle, and so on. A portion of the skin issues they face are extremely normal yet need prompt consideration and treatment. Recorded underneath are some normal skin issues that ladies go through and we reached out to Ajit Dalmia, Managing Director, Kelyn Naturals to share a few insights regarding the normal skin sicknesses that ladies face.

1. Skin break out

Pregnancy and hormonal irregular characteristics cause a great deal of changes in the body, bringing about which ladies usually deal with the issue of skin break out. Skin break out is brought about by hindered hair follicles and oil organs of the skin, which are many times set off by hormonal changes. The term skin inflammation incorporates pimples, zits, sores, and knobs.

It is crucial for treat skin inflammation since, left untreated; it can prompt scars, dim spots, and stamps. For moderate or serious skin inflammation, a dermatologist can utilize medicines like adapalene skin cream, tretinoin skin in the types of cream, gels, salves, and oral isotretinoin.


Burn from the sun is another pervasive yet extremely lethal issue that ladies face. Since ladies' skin is touchy, it rapidly gets impacted by the sun's destructive UV beams. Accordingly, to safeguard their skin from the sun, ladies are encouraged to apply sunscreen liberally on the uncovered region of the body.

To treat sun related burn, wash up with a gentle cleanser, keep your skin hydrated by drinking numerous liquids, and saturate your skin with light sans oil lotions.


Rosacea is a skin issue with an ongoing enlarging of the face with redness, unmistakable veins, and pimples. It is for the most part normal in ladies beyond 30 years old. It is caused by issues with the insusceptible framework, vein issues, or ecological issues.

Anti-infection agents, similar to metronidazole cream or oral doxycycline, can be utilized to treat rosacea. The azelaic corrosive gel can be utilized for aggravated pimples, beta-blockers, or skin inflammation drugs isotretinoin may be utilized.

4.Athlete's Foot

Feet are more inclined to contagious diseases due to their consistent contact with sweat and residue particles. Side effects of a competitor's foot incorporate redness, tingling, and broke skin on the feet and in the middle of the toes.

Skin antifungal medicines are accessible in creams and splashes to deal with competitor's feet like:

- Lotrimin AF (clotrimazole)

- Lamisil AT (terbinafine)

- Micatin (miconazole)

For the disease to clear, it can require weeks, yet assuming no improvement is seen, it is encouraged to go to a specialist.

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