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Vijay says that he is a firm believer in God, going to Church, temple and dargah

 In his first meeting in quite a while, Beast entertainer Vijay opened up on his relationship with father and how he regards and puts stock in all religions. He likewise talked about child Jason Sanjay's profession plans.

Tamil whiz Vijay, who is anticipating the arrival of his most recent film Beast this week, gave an interesting TV interview on Sunday. The meeting was broadcasted on Sun TV, whose film creation pennant Sun Picture has bankrolled the film. The meeting was led by Beast chief Nelson Dilipkumar. The meeting made a ton of publicity given that Vijay had avoided media associations for more than 10 years at this point.

"How about you give media interviews. Is your timetable pressed?" asked Nelson. "Actually, dislike that. I possess free energy for interviews however circumstances didn't pan out. I ponder 10 a long time back, I had given a meeting. Also, I felt my words were misjudged in that meeting. I was unsettled. Indeed, even my relatives inquired as to why I had spoken so pompously. I then, at that point, needed to call up the individual concerned and cleared up for him that I didn't mean it like that. What's more, I can't continue to do it to everybody all the time right. Along these lines, I avoid interviews," Vijay made sense of.

Vijay is one of the three hotshots in Tamil film, other than Rajinikanth and Ajith Kumar, who seldom advances his movies. These stars have grown such a solid fan base across the world that individuals appear at the venues absent a lot of influence. There is a great deal of expectation around the sound delivery capacity of his impending films, one of the uncommon occasions that he takes part in. Doubtlessly stirring up a lot of disillusionment for the fans, Sun Pictures didn't hold the music send off occasion for Beast. The justification for the choice is hazy. Neither Nelson nor Vijay examined the explanation during the meeting.

Vijay's TV interview was organized to relax that blow for the fans. Be that as it may, dissimilar to the sound delivery occasions, where Vijay normally relaxes and astounds the fans with off the cuff dance moves, zingers, jokes and short tales, the whiz appeared to be more held than expected. While Nelson did the greater part of the talking, Vijay responded to the previous' gestures of recognition, camouflaged as questions, with lowliness and his brand name emotionlessness.

"Indeed, even my family continues to gripe that they can't make out if I like something in light of my demeanors. I additionally blow up on occasion yet I don't respond. I accept that the greater part of our concerns come from choices that we make from outrage or hate. (My arrangement is) relax, make it simple," Vijay said. It's important that during the advancement of Villu (2009), in an interesting public explosion, Vijay had blown his top during a press meet leaving everybody shocked.

Surprisingly, Nelson had posed a few critical inquiries addressing different parts of Vijay's life, incorporating his relationship with his dad, producer S. A. Chandrasekhar. "The main contrast among God and the dad is, we can't see God yet we can see our dad," Vijay said, underlining he's as yet a committed child despite the fact that their relationship had hit a difficult situation as of late.

Vijay additionally talked about his strict convictions when Nelson reviewed that he regularly visited church during the recording in Georgia. "I'm a firm devotee. I go to chapel, and I have gone to sanctuaries and Ameen Peer Dargah during the recording of Thuppakki. I have felt a heavenly inclination in every one of the spots. My mom is a Hindu and my dad is a Christian. The two of them experienced passionate feelings for and got hitched. I experienced childhood in a family that never confined me with regards to where I ought to go or shouldn't go. I likewise show my kids something similar," he said.

Vijay uncovered that he particularly wants to see his child Jason Sanjay emulate his example. In any case, he additionally noticed that he wouldn't constrain his child to join the entertainment world on the off chance that he would rather not. "Premam chief Alphonse Puthren once requested to meet me. I likewise gave an arrangement thinking he planned to pitch a story to me. Be that as it may, he had come to portray the story to Sanjay. It was a charming, kid nearby sort of film. I furtively wanted that Sanjay would agree that yes to the film. Yet, he said he needed a few additional years and I didn't urge," he reviewed.

Nelson additionally got some information about Vijay's arrangements for joining dynamic governmental issues. While Vijay has made no mysteries about his political yearnings, he hasn't set a timetable for his political introduction yet. He apparently acquired hotshot Rajinikanth's more than two-decade-old reaction to the "will you/won't you" question and supplanted the God with fans. Rajinikanth generally guaranteed, he will join governmental issues, "assuming God wills". Furthermore, Vijay said, "Today my fans believe me should be Thalapathy (the celebrity). Assuming that tomorrow they believe me should be Thalaivan (pioneer), so be it."

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