Thursday, May 5, 2022

Stop hitting on me': Elon

Stop hitting on me, Elon Musk tells US lawmaker after 'billionaire with ego problem' tweet

 WASHINGTON: Engaging in a clever objection with US administrator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after she hammered him as a "tycoon with an inner self issue", Tesla CEO Elon Musk advised her to quit playing with him.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, Ocasio-Cortez expressed, "Burnt out on having to aggregately worry over what blast of disdain violations is occurring in light of the fact that some extremely rich person with a self image issue singularly controls an enormous correspondence stage and slants it since Tucker Carlson or Peter Thiel took him to supper and caused him to feel unique."

However the US administrator didn't name anybody, Musk more likely than not felt that the dig was aimed at him as he answered, "Quit hitting on me, I'm truly timid".

Be that as it may, Ocasio-Cortez let it all out and answered, "I was discussing (Mark) Zuckerberg yet alright."

Strikingly, Musk is known for tossing thoughts, here and there cheerful, on his Twitter timetable. His tweets frequently flash discussions on different issues, including free discourse that captivates the twitteratis.

He has likewise been very vocal about his political convictions as he communicated his repugnance to the Left philosophy on Friday.

"The extreme left despises everybody, themselves included," he tweeted. In any case, he added, "however I honestly love the extreme right by the same token. We should have not so much disdain but rather more love."

Twitter on Monday affirmed the offer of the organization to Tesla Chief Elon Musk for USD 44 billion.

"Free discourse is the bedrock of a working vote based system, and Twitter is the advanced town square where matters essential to the fate of mankind are discussed," Musk had said in an explanation.

"I additionally need to improve Twitter than at any other time by upgrading the item with new highlights, making the calculations open source to increment trust, overcoming the spam bots, and validating all people. Twitter has gigantic potential - I anticipate working with the organization and the local area of clients to open it," he added further.

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