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Bangaldesh container still burns after blast

Two days after deadly blasts, Bangladesh container depot still burns

 DHAKA: Firefighters fought for a third day on Monday to control an enormous fire that killed handfuls when it set off blasts at a Bangladesh holder warehouse, as authorities cautioned of the gamble of additional impacts assuming the blazes spread to synthetics put away close by.

Drone film from the BM Container Depot at Sitakunda, 40 km (25 miles) from the southeastern port city of Chittagong, showed thick sections of smoke actually ascending from wore out compartments approximately 46 hours after the burst broke out.

With the country's unfortunate record on modern mishaps under the spotlight, one authority said wellbeing rules had not been complied with at the site, as a holder with hydrogen peroxide was distinguished as the conceivable wellspring of the fire.

The affirmed loss of life was modified down to 41 from 49, including no less than nine firemen. More passings are dreaded, be that as it may, as a portion of the harmed are in basic condition, said Chittagong's main specialist Mohammed Elias Hossain.

Of the around 200 harmed, 50 were salvage authorities. Of those, 10 were police officers, while three firemen were all the while missing, said city police official Alauddin Talukder.

Fire administration official Monir Hossain said the station had evidently overlooked rules for putting away synthetic substances. "We haven't found any essential fire security measures. There were essentially a few quenchers. Nothing else," he said.

While the fire had been to a great extent managed, close by holders stacked with synthetic compounds could in any case be in danger of detonating.

"Our firemen are buckling down, however because of the presence of synthetic substances it's excessively unsafe to work nearby," said Anisur Rahman, fire administration head of the port city.

Troops were additionally sent to forestall the spread of synthetic substances in channels and along the Bay of Bengal shoreline, authorities said.


With the reason for the fire still being scrutinized, fire authorities said it might have started in a holder of hydrogen peroxide prior to spreading rapidly from that point.

Ruhul Amin Sikder, secretary of the business body Bangladesh Inland Container Depots Association (BICDA) said its offices, including the BM Container Depot, consistently took care of hydrogen peroxide with practically no episode.

"To the extent that our data goes, BM warehouse followed the standard course of activity in dealing with hydrogen peroxide," he said. "...What we neglect to grasp is the greatness of fire and blasts that we noticed."

Riasat Saquif Quadir, a synthetic designer, said hydrogen peroxide was "major areas of strength for an and will start or support a burning interaction promptly."

On the off chance that a hydrogen peroxide arrangement vanished on a burnable material, for example, clothing, "a fire might result suddenly, without the requirement for a start source," he added.

At the stop were around 800 compartments loaded up with exportable things, some 85% of which were instant pieces of clothing, Sikder said. Bangladesh is the world's second-greatest exporter of articles of clothing.

The exclusive Dutch-Bangladesh joint endeavor delivering office has guaranteed remuneration of 1 million taka ($11,000) to the group of every laborer killed in the fire.

Remiss guidelines and unfortunate authorization have been faulted for modern flames in the country that have as of late prompted many passings.

In 2020, three individuals were killed after an oil tank detonated at a holder station in Chittagong's Patenga region, while 54 kicked the bucket last July in a fire in a food handling manufacturing plant outside the capital, Dhaka.

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