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In Pakistan's Karachi city, a Hindu temple was vandalised.


Hindu temple vandalised in Pakistan's Karachi city

KARACHI: The icons of divinities at a Hindu sanctuary in Karachi, Pakistan have been obliterated, police have said, the most recent episode of defacement against the spots of love of the minority local area in the country.

The symbols of divinities at Shri Mari Maata Mandir in Karachi's Korangi region were gone after on Wednesday. The sanctuary is situated in "J" region inside the constraints of Korangi police headquarters.

In the wake of getting data, the police arrived at the area and examined the sanctuary and asked about the occurrence.

The Express Tribune paper announced that the episode caused frenzy and dread among the Hindu people group residing in Karachi, especially in the Korangi region where police were conveyed to keep away from any inappropriate occurrence.

Sanjeev, a Hindu occupant of the region, let the paper know that six to eight people on cruisers came into the area and went after the sanctuary. "We don't have the foggiest idea who has gone after and why," he said, adding that the police were drawn nearer to hold up a case.

"Five to six obscure suspects entered the sanctuary and got away subsequent to vandalizing it," Korangi SHO Farooq Sanjrani affirmed. He added that the argument was being enrolled against the obscure suspects who went after the sanctuary.

Sanctuaries having a place with the minority Hindu populace in Pakistan are in many cases the objective of horde savagery. In October, a verifiable sanctuary situated at the bank of the Indus River in Kotri was purportedly despoiled by unidentified individuals.

Policing came to the scene not long after the fresh insight about the episode turned into a web sensation via online entertainment. A FIR of the episode was held up at the Kotri police headquarters against the obscure reprobates.

Neighborhood inhabitants said that a unidentified individual entered the sanctuary premises and vandalized the symbols of their gods after 12 PM.

In August, many individuals purportedly vandalized a Hindu sanctuary in the town of Bhong and hindered the Sukkur-Multan Motorway following an eight-year-old Hindu kid, who supposedly peed in a nearby theological school, was conceded bail by a neighborhood court.

Following the court's choice, a horde of young fellows assembled and vandalized the Shree Ganesh Hindu sanctuary in the town, as per the paper.

As per official appraisals, 75 lakh Hindus live in Pakistan. Notwithstanding, as per the local area, more than 90 lakh Hindus are living in the country. Most of Pakistan's Hindu populace is gotten comfortable Sindh territory where they share culture, customs and language with Muslim occupants. They frequently gripe of provocation by radicals.

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