Tuesday, July 26, 2022

At a Moscow event, a chess-playing robot fractures a child's finger


Chess-playing robot breaks child’s finger at Moscow event

MOSCOW: A chess-playing robot got the finger of its 7-year-old rival and broke it during last week's Moscow Chess Open competition, Russian media revealed Monday.

"The robot broke the kid's finger," Sergei Lazarev, President of the Moscow Chess Federation, told the Russian TASS organization. "Obviously, this is terrible."

A video shared via online entertainment shows the robot taking one of the kid's pieces, and afterward snatching his finger as he endeavors to take action.

Four grown-ups then rush in, battling to free the kid prior to driving him away from the chessboard.

Lazarev said the chess league had leased the robot that showed up in numerous past occasions without episode.

He said the kid had the option to play again the following day and completed the competition with his finger in a cast.

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