Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Flotus apologises after receiving backlash for claiming that Latinos are "unique as tacos"


Flotus draws flak for saying Latinos ‘unique as tacos’, apologises later

WASHINGTON : Jill Biden apologized on Tuesday for saying Latinos are "as interesting" as San Antonio breakfast tacos during a discourse to the country's biggest Hispanic common rightsorganisation.

"The principal woman apologizes that her words conveyed everything except adoration and love for the Latino people group," her representative said. Biden traveled to San Antonio on Monday to address a meeting of UnidosUS, a Latino rights bunch. Yet, her endeavor to praise Latino variety didn't gowell when she said the local area is "as particular as the bodegas of the Bronx, as gorgeous as the blooms of Miami and as one of a kind as the morning meal tacos here in San Antonio. ""Utilizing tacos to attempt to exhibit the uniqueness of Latinos shows an absence of social information and responsiveness," the National Association of Hispanic Journalists said.

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