Friday, July 29, 2022

Yes Bank-DHFL scam: CBI recovers million-dollar watches and works of art by prominent artists

Yes Bank-DHFL scam: CBI recovers paintings of renowned artists, expensive watches worth crores

 NNEW DELHI: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Thursday recuperated compositions and watches worth a few crores during further ventures directed in the Yes Bank-DHFL (Diwan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd) trick case.

The CBI said articles worth a few crores were bought from redirected reserves. These recuperations were made during further hunts in a continuous examination of a case connected with supposed loss of Rs. 34,615 crore (approx.) to consortium of 17 banks drove by Union Bank of India.

Two canvases made by FN Souza (1964) and one more by SH Raza (1956) worth Rs 5.50 crore (approx); two watches of Jacob and Co and Frank Muller Geneve worth Rs 5 crore (approx) and Gold and Diamond Jewelry including Bangles and Necklace worth Rs 2 crore (approx) have been recuperated. It was likewise affirmed that the advertisers had procured costly things utilizing the redirected reserves.

During the examination, the CMD and afterward Director, both of privately owned businesses based at Mumbai were captured and both are as of now in CBI authority.

A case was enlisted on June 20, 2022 on a grumbling from Union Bank of India, Industrial Finance Branch, Mumbai against private (Borrower) organization based at Mumbai, its then CMD, then Director and others including a confidential individual, privately owned businesses, obscure public servant(s) and confidential people on the charges that the blamed tricked a consortium for 17 banks drove by Union Bank of India to the tune of Rs. 34,615 crore (approx.) by redirecting advances profited from the said banks and misrepresenting the books of said private (Borrower) organization and making Shell Companies/misleading elements, which had come to be known as "Bandra Book Entities".

It was claimed that the said privately owned business and its advertisers had made various shell organizations and imaginary substances (the Bandra Book elements) and redirected gigantic assets by dispensing assets to such imaginary substances. It was additionally claimed that different reviews directed by other confidential review bookkeeping associations had distinguished various cases of redirection of assets by the blamed for individual advantages and adulteration for books of records to cover and disguise questionable exchanges.

The reviews likewise recognized a few occurrences where huge worth credits were given to such imaginary elements without an expected level of effort and without protections. Occurrences of approval and payment of advances, simply by email correspondences were supposedly found for which no credit records were kept up with in the said private (Borrower) organization. Prior, look were directed at different areas in Mumbai at the premises of the blamed which prompted the recuperation for implicating documents.Further examination is proceeding.

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