Monday, July 4, 2022

The 2024 Olympics, according to IOC President Thomas Bach, "will fly high" for Ukraine

IOC boss Thomas Bach says Ukraine 'flag will fly high' at 2024 Olympics

 KYIV: International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach on Sunday said the association would guarantee that Ukrainian competitors could contend at the 2024 Olympics regardless of the Russian intrusion.

Talking during a visit to Kyiv to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Bach promised to build how much IOC financing for competitors from the conflict torn country.

"We are supporting them (Ukrainian competitors) in a way we can see them at the Olympic Games in Paris 2024 and at the Olympic Winter Games in 2026 in Cortina-Milano, that the Ukrainian banner will take off," said Bach.

"The IOC will significantly increase the asset we have been laying out at the earliest reference point of the Russian intrusion in Ukraine from $2.5 million to $7.5 million."

The IOC answered Russia's attack of Ukraine in February by suggesting that worldwide games leagues boycott Russian and Belarusian competitors.

Bach said that the IOC wouldn't be changing its situation.

"We likewise consoled the president (Zelensky) we keep up with the position we took at the earliest reference point of the conflict, which is extremely clear," he said.

"Counting the proposals towards worldwide organizations not to welcome Russian and Belarus competitors to global contests.

"The opportunity has not arrived to lift these suggestions."

Among a pile of brandishing sanctions, Russia has been suspended from global football competitions, the Russian Formula One Grand Prix was dropped and Russian and Belarusian tennis players have been prohibited from Wimbledon.

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