Wednesday, August 3, 2022

3 Chinese mobile phone firms have received notices: Minister of Finance

Notices issued to 3 Chinese mobile companies: Finance minister

 NEW DELHI: The public authority is investigating instances of supposed tax avoidance by Chinese portable organizations Oppo, Vivo India and Xiaomi and sees have been given to them, FM Nirmala Sitharaman educated Rajya Sabha on Tuesday.The division regarding income insight (DRI) has given a notification to Oppo for complete traditions obligation avoidance of Rs 4,389 crore, she said. She said deliberately they have occurred to store Rs 450 crore, against the interest of Rs 4,389 crore.

Sitharaman said Xiaomi has been given three showcause takes note. "The surmised obligation responsibility there is about Rs 653 crore. For the three notification they have saved just Rs 46 lakh. " For Vivo India, an interest notice has been given for Rs 2,217 crore, for which they have saved Rs 60 crore as a willful store, she said.

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