Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Abhijit Sen, an economist and former Planning Commission member, dies

Economist and former Planning Commission member Abhijit Sen passes away

 NEW DELHI: Economist Abhijit Sen, a previous Planning Commission part and one of the country's preeminent specialists on rustic economy, kicked the bucket on Monday night. He was 72.

"He experienced a coronary failure around 11 PM. We hurried him to the medical clinic, yet it was all over when we arrived," said Dr Pronab Sen, his sibling.

In a vocation spreading over forty years, Prof Abhijit Sen showed financial matters at Oxford, Cambridge and New Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University, and stood firm on a few significant government situations, including the seat of the Commission of Agricultural Cost and Prices.

He was an individual from the Planning Commission from 2004 to 2014, when Manmohan Singh was the top state leader.

In 2010, he was granted the Padma Bhusan for public assistance.

At the point when the NDA came to drive in 2014, it selected Sen to head a general team to outline a "drawn out grain strategy. Sen was a vocal supporter of a general public dissemination framework for rice and wheat.

He would contend that the weight of food sponsorship on the exchequer was in many cases misrepresented and that the nation had sufficient financial headroom to help a general PDS, yet in addition ensure a fair cost to ranchers for their produce.

Sen had additionally been related with a few worldwide exploration and multilateral associations, for example, the UNDP, Asian Development Bank, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the UN, International Fund for Agricultural Development and OECD Development Center.

Sen, whose father Samar Sen was a World Bank financial specialist, concentrated on material science at New Delhi's St. Stephen's school prior to changing to seek after a doctoral certification in financial matters from Cambridge University.

Sen had been experiencing breathing related infirmities for the previous years, which got bothered during the Covid-19 pandemic, said his sibling, Pronab.

He is made due by spouse, Jayati Ghosh - - likewise a notable financial expert - - and little girl Jahnavi.

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