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Finland's "partying PM" issues an apology for the image

Finland's 'partying PM' apologises for controversial pic

 HELSINKI: Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin apologized on Tuesday for a questionable photograph taken at her home, under seven days after the 36-year-old started analysis with a video of her celebrating.

The image circled by Finnish media shows two ladies kissing, lifting their tops to uncovered their middles and covering their bosoms with a sign that says "Finland".

Marin affirmed on Tuesday the image was taken at her authority home in Kesaranta, after she went to a live event that occurred July 8-10.

"I think the image isn't proper, I am sorry for it. Such an image shouldn't have been taken," Marin told columnists in Helsinki.

Marin said she had "companions" at her home at that point "going through the night" and "going to the sauna."

The image was first distributed on a TikTok account by a previous Miss Finland challenger and virtual entertainment powerhouse, who shows up in the photograph.

An article in the Nordic country's biggest paper Helsingin Sanomat on Tuesday said Marin didn't seem, by all accounts, to be "in charge", and more pictures and recordings from her confidential life could wind up in the public area.

Marin stood out as truly newsworthy across the world last week when a video surfaced showing her moving and celebrating with a gathering of companions and big names.

A few deciphered remarks heard on the video as alluding to opiates, something vigorously bantered via virtual entertainment and which she emphatically denied.

Prodded by the contention, Marin took a medication test on Friday to "clear up doubts."

Her pee test was tried for the presence of different medications. It returned negative.

"Drug test taken from Prime Minister Sanna Marin on 19 August 2022 didn't uncover the presence of medications," Marin's office said on Monday, adding that the outcomes were endorsed by a specialist.

Her moving in the video has likewise been censured by some as unseemly way of behaving for a top state leader, while others have protected her entitlement to partake in a confidential occasion with companions.

Up until this point Marin has had the help of her party, with Antti Lindtman, top of the Social Democratic Party's parliamentary gathering, telling media he "can't see any serious issue with moving at a confidential occasion with companions".

Marin - - who was named in 2019 at 34 years old - - has recently been the objective of analysis over parties at her authority home.

In December 2021, she went under supported analysis after it was uncovered she remained out moving until the early hours notwithstanding having been presented to Covid-19.

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