Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Here is my review of the Mivi DuoPods F50, which are TWS earbuds for under Rs. 1000


The Mivi DuoPods F50 are a superior fit for Android clients, and losing them won't place a mark in your pocket.

For some individuals, Apple's AirPods are the go-to genuinely remote headphones (TWS). This is most certainly valid for me, as I have been involving the AirPods for quite a long time. In any case, different brands, particularly nearby players, have begun to keep Apple honest lately. I have been avoiding these super minimal expense remote headphones that guarantee a ton yet never satisfy everyone's expectations. Thus, when Mivi proposed to send me a survey unit of its DuoPods F50 I wasn't excessively certain in the event that I ought to survey them from the start, however the second I sorted out that they cost just Rs 999, I realized I expected to give them a shot. In this audit I address the style and stylish, sound quality and battery duration, so read on to the end.

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