Wednesday, August 17, 2022

PM Modi and French President Macron discuss defence ties and cooperation in civilian N-energy

PM Modi & French President Macron discuss def ties, civilian N-energy cooperation

 NEW DELHI: PM Narendra Modi addressed French President Emmanuel Macron and surveyed continuous reciprocal drives, remembering guard collaboration undertakings and participation for common thermal power. During his telephonic discussion with Macron, Modi additionally conveyed his fortitude for the continuous dry season and out of control fires in France.

They additionally talked about significant international difficulties including those connected with worldwide food security. India and France have been communicating worry at the gamble to the worldwide food security and nourishment considering the continuous struggle among Russia and Ukraine.

"The two chiefs communicated fulfillment at the profundity and strength that the India-France Strategic Partnership has obtained lately and consented to keep working intently together to grow the relationship to new areas of collaboration," said the public authority in an explanation on Tuesday.

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