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Raja Chaudhary claims that his daughter Palak Tiwari is too busy to meet with him and requests that Shweta Tiwari mediate any issues: How come you want to


Raja Chaudhary discussed his previous spouse Shweta Tiwari not being in contact with him and his little girl Palak Tiwari having opportunity and willpower to meet him as she is occupied with her life.

Entertainer Raja Chaudhary who got well known after his stretch on TV's unscripted TV drama, Bigg Boss 2, was prior hitched to entertainer Shweta Tiwari and is currently battling a separation case with his second spouse Shveta Sood. His previous sweetheart Shradha Sharma has blamed him for liquor abuse and his little girl Palak Tiwari lacks opportunity and willpower to meet him. Raja says he is "genuinely hurt with each individual he knew" and is a "crushed" individual.

In a new meeting with ETimes, Raja conceded that he tends to drink too much and is attempting to beat it with the assistance of specialists. Yet, he has been not able to battle it on the grounds that according to his PCPs he is "in a circle". He likewise said that his folks have would not live with him and have sent him back to Mumbai as they naturally suspect he "has a place" there and "they have little to no faith in me".

He additionally returned to the times when Shweta Tiwari isolated from him. He was in the information after Shweta blamed him for aggressive behavior at home. "One fine day news channels began discussing a famous young lady and a kid. What occurred next was the kid turned out to be more famous in the wake of entering Bigg Boss. In any case, he was a typical individual from a town foundation. I'm not what I am depicted. I'm not a terrible individual," he said.

Raja shared that he isn't in contact with Shweta Tiwari any longer yet he definitely dislikes that. He inquired, "For what reason mightn't she at any point work it out? For what reason would you like to take everything with you?"

Shweta Tiwari and Raja Chaudhary secured the bunch in 1998. They got formally separated in 2012. In 2021, he met his girl Palak following thirteen years. He last saw her when she was a child. Be that as it may, presently she is occupied with work and they have not met for a long while. He said, "I message or email her and hang tight for her answer. I don't be able to meet her. Perhaps she is excessively occupied or perhaps she is overlooking me." However, Raja doesn't care about it since he recalls even he lacked the capacity to deal with his folks in his more youthful days.

Palak Tiwari is good to go to make her Bollywood debut with Rosie: The Saffron Chapter, a secret thrill ride bankrolled by Vivek Anand Oberoi, Girish Johar, Kussum Arora, Reshabh D Saraf, Keyur Pandya and Sanjeet S. Yermal.

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