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Round Brushes: How to Use It Effectively and the Best-Kept Hairdresser Secret


Round brushes have been the trick of the trade of stylists since ages now. On the off chance that you were one of those individuals who got a round hair brush unintentionally early in life and chose to never think back, you most likely have no clue about how difficult the occupation of stylist is. This is a test that includes tangled hair, hurting arms, and a nice measure of disappointment and swearing.

In this way, following quite a while of attempting to use a round brush accurately, we've chosen to make a huge difference. We have in the end acknowledged where we have been committing errors for such a long time. - Rayed Merchant, Director Marketing (Global) and Head Brand Procurement, SSIZ International offers how to use a round brush like an expert.

Air-Dry is the key -

Blow drying your hair before it is 80% to 90% dry is an exercise in futility. In the event that your hair isn't generally dry before you start blow-drying, it will take excessively lengthy to complete the style, which will make your arms get worn out and cause you a great deal of dissatisfaction. The key is allowing it to air dry before you style it.

Pick a Round Brush -

The size of the brush, the fiber type, and their thickness are factors that impact the outcome. While vented metal round brushes are really great for heat support while styling, pig bristle brushes are frequently stiffer and denser and cause more strain while pulling the hair, bringing about expanded volume and lift eventually.

The measurement of a round brush has the comparable relationship to twist size as a hair curling accessory: the greater the brush, the greater the twist. On the off chance that you're not a specialist, avoid using little brushes since you risk tangling your hair in the fibers.

Part Your Hair -

Taking as much time as is needed while blow-drying your hair with a round brush is the quickest technique to go about it. Folding too-enormous parts over the roundabout brush won't save you any time since you will probably have to return and supplant them. Begin by parting your hair into four areas prior to continuing.

Change your points -

It's vital that movement never stops while styling your hair. Begin by applying the round brush in the accompanying way: place it at the foundation of your foundations, roll it down to the finishes, and dry the brush as you go. One thing to remember is that, paying little mind to how you move the brush, you ought to continuously keep up with the blow-spout dryer's lined up with the ground and leaned descending to circulate heat equally across the hair area as opposed to lightening it up.

Change the intensity settings -

High intensity and high air might seem like the most ideal choice, yet utilizing only that blend will leave hair fuzzy and tangled. Around your hairline, bring down the settings to medium (or low on the off chance that you have wavy hair), and depend on the strain you're putting to the brush to smooth the hair.

Give it a cool air impact -

While the hair is as yet folded over the brush, turn down the intensity setting for a cool air burst subsequent to completing a section. Your hair ought to keep up with its shape thanks to this. Despite the fact that precluding this step could appear as though a superfluous additional step, the outcomes probably won't be as huge.

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