Friday, September 30, 2022

Joe Biden: The US won't accept Russian claims to Ukraine

Joe Biden: US will never recognize Russian claims on Ukraine

 WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden promised on Thursday the US won't ever perceive Russia's cases an on Ukraine's sovereign area as the US arranged new endorses to force once Moscow attaches new areas of Ukraine.

Addressing Pacific island pioneers, Biden reviled mandates that favorable to Russian powers directed in areas of Ukraine as an "flat out hoax," saying the outcomes were "fabricated in Moscow."

The US is working with partners on assents to force once Russia adds new areas of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin will start attaching four Ukrainian locales to Russia on Friday, and the US reaction is supposed to rapidly follow.

"The US, I need to be extremely clear about this, US won't ever, never, never perceive Russia's cases on Ukraine sovereign region," Biden said.

The assents are supposed to target "people and elements inside and outside Russia that offer help to this activity," the White House said on Wednesday.

"Russia's attack on Ukraine in quest for magnificent desires is an egregious, blatant infringement of the UN Sanction, and the fundamental standards of power and regional trustworthiness," said Biden.

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