Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Less than 10% of cars on Indian roads have six airbags

6-airbag feature in fewer than 10% of cars on Indian roads

 NEW DELHI: At least 90% of the vehicles running on Indian streets don't accompany six airbags and this key security include is simply restricted to top of the line vehicles.

While accurate numbers were inaccessible, car industry and government sources said as most purchasers select less expensive variations even in models that accompany the choice of more airbags, the portion of vehicles with more than two airbags is low.

The two-airbag highlight, presently standard across vehicles, likewise came in after the public authority commanded it through a request, driving all vehicle organizations to update from January this year.

India has the most noteworthy street fatalities on the planet, and the public authority accepts that furnishing vehicles with more airbags will assist with diminishing the quantity of lives lost on the streets. India has 1% of the worldwide vehicle populace yet its portion in street passings is 11%.

Need better requirement of wellbeing rules: Auto industry

While the public authority has been squeezing for more security highlights in all vehicles, a part of the car business contends that the spotlight ought to likewise be more on issues, for example, better implementation of rules in regards to safety belts, checking smashed, fast and wrong-path heading to chop down fatalities, assessed at a little under 1.6 lakh in 2021.

The service of street transport and thruways had proposed to make it obligatory to have six airbags in all vehicles beginning October 2022, yet the objective is set to be missed. While the draft rules have been set in the midst of resistance free from a part of the vehicle business, serve Nitin Gadkari on Monday said the arrangement is still in progress.

He by and by addressed why some vehicle producers were opposing the security include, when they were trading vehicles with six airbags. During the last Parliament meeting, Gadkari had said that the useful arrangement of six airbags in vehicles might have saved north of 13,000 lives in 2020.

Vehicle industry and government sources expressed that as the majority of the purchasers decide on two-airbag variations even in models that accompany the choice of six packs, the organizations are not in that frame of mind to add more.

As of now, Maruti, Hyundai and Tata Motors, while taking special care of cost cognizant clients, offer six airbags across certain models. Be that as it may, with regards to extravagance, practically every one of the organizations - including top ones like Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volvo - currently offer six airbags, and favoring the greater models, as a standard element across their whole line-up.

Mercedes gives nine airbags in the S-Class car, while the Maybach has 13.

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