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Man apprehended after pointing a gun at Cristina Fernandez, the vice president of Argentina


Man detained after pointing gun at Argentine vice president Cristina Fernandez

BUENOS AIRES: A man was kept Thursday night after he purportedly pointed a handgun at direct clear reach to Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernandez in what government clergymen portrayed as a death endeavor.

The man, who had not been recognized, was confined seconds into the episode.

Video from the scene broadcast on nearby TV slots shows Fernandez leaving her vehicle encompassed by allies outside her home when a man should be visible broadening his hand with what resembles a gun and the VP ducks.

Allies encompassing the individual seem stunned at what's going on in the midst of the disturbance in the Recoleta neighborhood of Argentina's capital.

"An individual who was recognized by the people who were near him who had a weapon was kept by (the VP's) security staff. They put him away, tracked down the weapon, and presently it should be examined," Security Minister Anibal Fernandez told nearby link news channel C5N.

The priest said he needed to be cautious in giving subtleties until the examination found out more. There was no authority remark on whether the firearm was genuine.

Unsubstantiated video posted via web-based entertainment shows the gun nearly contacted Fernandez's face.

In spite of the open inquiries, government authorities rushed to depict the occurrence as a death endeavor.

"At the point when disdain and brutality are forced over the discussion of thoughts, social orders are obliterated and produce circumstances like the one seen today: a death endeavor," Economy Minister Sergio Massa said.

Priests in President Alberto Fernandez's officially sanctioned a news discharge saying they "enthusiastically denounce the endeavored crime" of the VP. "What happened this evening is of outrageous gravity and undermines a vote based system, establishments and law and order," peruses the delivery.

Previous President Mauricio Macri additionally renounced the assault. "This intense occasion requests a prompt and significant explanation by the legal executive and security powers," Macri composed on Twitter.

Allies of the VP have been gathering in the roads encompassing her home since last week, when an examiner required a 12-year sentence for Fernandez for a situation including claimed debasement out in the open works.

Pressures have been running intense in the privileged Recoleta neighborhood since the end of the week, when the VP's allies conflicted with police in the roads encompassing her loft in the midst of a work by cops to clear the region.

Fernandez, who isn't connected with the ongoing president, filled in as president herself in 2007-2015.

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