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Mandakini recalled that she would receive between Rs. 1-2 lakh for a film and might be replaced by an actress who had requested only Rs. 75,000

 Mandakini talked about how female entertainers were effectively supplanted during the 1980s, and male entertainers had unlimited authority over projecting.

Mandakini had a fantasy debut in Raj Kapoor's 1985 film Ram Teri Ganga Maili, yet her later movies didn't make a lot of effect. In a new visit, she said that female entertainers were viewed as replaceable at that point, and movie producers would go for the entertainer who might charge less cash. Conversing with Pinkvilla, Mandakini said that a female entertainer would get around Rs 1-2 lakh for a film back then. "At the point when we used to work in the motion pictures, they gave us Rs 1-1.5 lakhs for the full film. That was the cost. Greatest 2 lakhs, not more than that. Courageous women wouldn't get more than this," she said.

Mandakini then shared that ladies would get supplanted without getting educated. She said, "For instance, assuming I like a film that somebody has described to me, and I say OK, and I consent to do the film. Not many days after the fact, a declaration would come yet with another entertainer. So I used to ask how did that occur? Then, at that point, I discovered that since I requested Rs 1-1.5 lakh, they got another person who is doing it for Rs 75,000. In this way, on the grounds that the makers are getting a more ideal arrangement, they went for somebody who was requesting lesser."

She added, "Unko champion se matlab tha. 'Humko bas 2-3 melodies karane hain. Voh nahi karegi toh yeh kar legi, yeh nahi karegi toh voh kar legi toh jo apne ko sabse kam mein aaye, usko le lo.' Yeh outlook tha chiefs aur makers ka (They were simply worried about employing a champion. 'We simply need her for 2-3 melodies. In the event that she will not make it happen, get another person. Whoever charges the least.' That was the mentality of chiefs and makers)."

Mandakini expressed that during the 1980s, male entertainers had unlimited authority over who might be projected inverse them. "Frequently they would just choose who to work with and who to not work with. On the off chance that they could have done without anybody, they would tell the creators, 'Don't take this young lady.'" On being inquired as to whether she was at any point supplanted by an entertainer, she said that it worked out "more than once."

Mandakini as of late made her rebound by means of a music video named 'Maa O Maa'.

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