Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The government may extend the deadline for EV manufacturers

Govt may give EV makers more time

 New Delhi : The public authority is set to give additional opportunity for electric vehicle (EV) producers to consent to two critical parts of the battery-testing standards, taking into account that they need to set up sufficient frameworks for enormous scope testing.

A few players in the EV business have raised worries over the solid timetable set by the public authority to execute the new severe testing standards from October this year. "We are in counsel with the business players and we are checking all angles out. We will see whether there is a need to give them some additional time so they are prepared," said a street transport service official.

As per the new car principles, a specific limit of cells to be utilized in every battery should be charged and released to survey their quality at the manufacturing plant itself. Each such battery has almost 250 cells and consequently the producers need to increase their framework for the testing. The enterprises would get some margin to set up the framework.

The public authority is probably going to give additional opportunity for execution of anotnew test system — execution of equal series of cells in batteries.

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