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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

3 murders in California allegedly committed by a suspected serial killer

Suspected serial killer charged in 3 murders in California

 LOS ANGELES: Experts in California on Tuesday charged an associated chronic executioner with the homicide with three men in a series of shootings that have stunned the neighborhood local area, authorities said.

Transporter Wesley Brownlee, 43, was captured Saturday in the city of Stockton, around 80 miles east of San Francisco, on doubt of killing six men and injuring a lady throughout recent months.

Police said Brownlee was possibly looking for another casualty when he was captured.

Lead prosecutor Tori Verber Salazar said Tuesday she hopes to document more charges in different homicides Brownlee is associated with completing.

"We're trusting that extra proof will be handled through that will doubtlessly... permit us the chance to add those extra charges," said Salazar.

"We're just four days into this," she added.

Five men were killed in one area of Stockton between July 8 and September 27, and the homicides bore various similitudes.

One more man was killed in Oakland, around 50 miles away, last year.

One lady likewise endure a shooting accepted to have been completed by Brownlee.

The casualties went in age from 21 to 54.

Specialists, including the FBI, are attempting to sort out a potential rationale and to distinguish some other possibly related manslaughter cases.

A few of the casualties were destitute, and the killings, committed late around evening time or at sunrise, are totally connected by ballistics, police said.

Salazar said Brownlee, who moved to Stockton this mid year, has a lawbreaker record, including drug-related crime offenses.

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