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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Attack on the Chinese consulate in the UK is denounced by a Hong Kong victim as "barbaric"

Hong Kong victim slams 'barbaric' attack at Chinese consulate in UK

 LONDON: A Hong Kong man Wednesday criticized his "savage" treatment because of Chinese representatives in England who hauled him inside their compound to attack him after an enemy of Beijing fight.

Bounce Chan talked at a news gathering in London after China, demanding its negotiators in Manchester were irreproachable, held up a proper objection with the UK government.

In a letter to More noteworthy Manchester Police, Emissary General Zheng Xiyuan grumbled the police had neglected to mediate quickly after nonconformists "raged" the mission on Sunday.

While demanding that China was "conscious of the option to dissent", consular staff were expected "to actually fight off unapproved passage and ensuing attacks", he said.

Yet, Zheng himself was named via web-based entertainment and in the UK parliament as going after Chan, alongside three other consular ambassadors.

Iain Duncan Smith, a Moderate MP and harmful pundit of the Chinese socialist specialists, said the negotiators ought to be removed and criticized the "completely deficient" reaction from his own administration.

"Anyone associated with those scenes isn't wanted here," the previous Conservative party pioneer, one of a few UK parliamentarians who has been endorsed by Beijing, told the news meeting. "They should go."

More noteworthy Manchester Police have themselves gone against the Chinese record, after video of the occurrence showed consular staff pulling Chan inside the entryways of the Manchester compound.

Chan was one of a few nonconformists who had shown flags ridiculing the Chinese Socialist Faction and President Xi Jinping.

Chan said he was pulled by the hair and attacked from behind by concealed men, yet couldn't say "100%" that Zheng went after him.

"It was boorish. I'm extremely worried for my wellbeing and I have bad dreams about how my friends and family may be dealt with," said the Hongkonger, who has lived in England since Spring of a year ago.

"I'm stunned on the grounds that I never thought something like this might have occurred in the UK," Chan added, while declining to give any more private data because of a paranoid fear of Chinese retaliations.

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