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Friday, October 14, 2022

Maybe I'll do more significant stuff later: Thusurav Ganguly


Maybe I'll go on to do bigger things: Sourav Ganguly

Numerous beneficial things in 3 years as board president'

KOLKATA: Sourav Ganguly appears to have accommodated with the unavoidable. With five days of his residency as the BCCI president actually remaining, he is as of now alluding to it in the past tense.

"I was the Taxi president for a considerable length of time. Then I was the Board president for a long time," he said at a special occasion, while pondering his days as a chairman.

"In these three years, such countless beneficial things have occurred. We had IPL during the Coronavirus pandemic, such troublesome times for us all. We won the U-19 World Cup. The transmission freedoms went for an unsurpassed frame high. Furthermore, I wish the senior ladies group had dominated the Ward Matches gold, they might have beaten Australia. These were incredible minutes for me as a director," he said.

The reference came after a philosophical Ganguly said "nothing is super durable", whether it is being a player or a director. "I have been a manager, presently I will continue on toward something different."

Despite the fact that there are no signs on what comes next for him, the previous captain, who turned 50 this July, would without a doubt have something arranged. What's more, he passed on a clue that he is prepared to cushion up again for another innings. "Perhaps I'll proceed to do greater things in future," he said.

Does he have something up his sleeves, or was it simply one more philosophical proclamation? With his skill for returning quickly, it won't be a shock in the event that he as of now has an arrangement worked out. It is accepted he was keen on taking up a job in the ICC after the BCCI spell, however reports demonstrate he doesn't include the sponsorship inside the Board.

One could add a great deal to a harmless reference to the Top state leader - "You don't turn into a Sachin Tendulkar or an Ambani or Narendra Modi in one day" - yet once more, it very well may be too soon to discuss connect ups.

Sourav's image worth will stay in one piece

Might it at any point have returned to the analysis box? He got the mike at least a couple of times to pose a couple of inquiries to the occasion's advertiser. What's more, when the occasion chiefs set up a clasp of him and Rahul Dravid trading chats in the editorial box with a natural face in the scenery and a line beneath perusing: Binny 0-23, Sourav Ganguly rushed to explain. "That Binny isn't Roger Binny. That is Stuart Binny."

Regardless of whether he is out of cricket organization, Ganguly's image worth will without a doubt stay in one piece. As a matter of fact, he is quite possibly of the most noticeable face on television screen and hoardings, especially in this region of the planet. On Thursday, he became brand representative of Bandhan Bank, maybe taking up such a job for the millionth time. He will track down ways of keeping himself occupied.

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