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10 ice cube recipes to up your skin icing game


Once in a while we resort to home ingredients for our beauty needs and more often than not skincare is about using straightforward ingredients available at home that can do wonders for your skin. One such ingredient is an ice block. We are certain a great deal of you should be wondering on the off chance that ice on the skin during winter can only cause damage as it is meant to be used in summer only and that is wrong.

Applying ice on the skin can give you an instant sparkle, assist with open pores, puffy eyes, and bothersome zits. Here are a few packs that you can make using ice solid shapes that will soon turn into your go-to packs even in low temperatures, as suggested by Dr. Bloom Kochhar, Chairperson Bloom Kochhar Group of Companies.

Basil and aloe vera are great for the body and surprisingly better for the skin. While aloe vera eliminates overabundance oil and deals with acne, basil being an intense antioxidant soothes the skin. This calming combo in the frosty goodness is also a great remedy for sun related burn.

How To Make It?

1.Take a handful of basil leaves in a cup of water and grind them.

2.Add 2 tablespoons of natural aloe vera gel and blend.

3.Void the combination into an ice-3D shape tray and let it freeze.

4.Apply these blocks on your face and neck and allow them to clean up your skin.

In the event that you are suffering from acne, this recipe is ideal for you. You simply have to make green tea ice 3D squares; the antimicrobial properties of green tea will battle acne and soothe down any redness.

How to make it?

1.Empty a few boiling water into two cups and put one green tea bag in each of them.

2.Allow it 15 minutes to settle down and then empty the green tea into an ice tray.

3.Freeze it and use it once daily.

For a glowing skin cleanser, attempt a frozen facial scour. Cucumbers are naturally cooling and soothing to skin irritations while they delicately clean and saturate the skin.

How to make it?

Make a puree of a cucumber and add lemon juice to it.

Add half a teaspoon of honey to it and empty it into an ice tray to freeze. Recall you don't have to make it into an ice shape rather let it sit briefly so that it resembles an ice slush.

Presently delicately rub the ice slush on your face and neck. You can allow the juice to sit on your face for 5-10 minutes prior to rinsing it off with warm water.

Coffee isn't simply a beverage; it is a magical strong that can do wonders for your skin as well. A coffee skin pack is a touch of old news however coffee ice shapes are the latest buzz you should pursue the genuinely necessary skin gleam.

How to make it?

1.2 tablespoons of coffee and mix it in boiling water. Allow it to cool.

2.Void the coffee into an ice-shape tray and leave it in your refrigerator.

Lactic acid is one of milk's great components and a healthy weapon. It keeps your stomach related framework disciplined as well as gives your skin a merited moisturization, reduces red spots, wards off pigmentation, and gives you a fairer more natural radiance.

How to make it?

1.Take a 3/4 cup of milk and add 1/4 cup of water to it.

2.Empty it into an ice-solid shape tray and wait.

3.Rub the solid shapes delicately for some time and leave them undisturbed for 20-30 mins prior to washing your face.

A decent facial massage on the off chance that done right can be the best fix for any skin issues. And in the event that you add a couple of drops of lavender oil to it, it will further develop your blood circulation which will make your skin shine and will assist you with a decent night's rest.

How to make it?

Wrap a handful of ice solid shapes in a bath rag, and add a couple of drops of a soothing lavender essential oil

Tenderly massage your face and neck before bed.

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