Wednesday, November 23, 2022

A 6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes northwest Turkey

Magnitude-6.1 earthquake hits northwest Turkey

 ISTANBUL: A greatness 6.1 seismic tremor struck northwest Turkey during Wednesday's initial hours, the US Topographical Study said.

The shallow quake struck around 170 kilometers (105 miles) east of Istanbul, the country's biggest city, as per the USGS.

It gave a period of 4:08 am (0108 GMT) and a profundity of 10 km. The USGS utilizes a "fixed profundity" of 10 km when beginning shudder information is "too poor to even consider processing", as per its site.

Inside Priest Suleyman Soylu posted on Twitter that there was no data on death toll.

Turkey is arranged in one of the world's most dynamic seismic tremor zones.

A greatness 6.8 shudder hit Elazig in January 2020, killing a greater number of than 40 individuals.

In November that year, a strong 7.0 extent shudder hit the Aegean Ocean, killing 114 individuals and injuring more than 1,000.

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